Pegah Behbehani Counselling

Pegah Counselling provides counselling services online and in person for individuals, couples, and families that are facing emotional and psychological crisis or are looking for ways to improve and enrich their life.​

Counselling Services

Pegah adopts a non-judgmental, exploratory and compassionate attitude to demystify the internal world of individuals and the influence that it remains on the way they construct their relationships.

About Me

Pegah Behbehani is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (#18073)
with a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology.

Her passion is to help people overcome personal crises towards deep healing and personal success.
Her new journey began when she immigrated to Canada, and decided to radically shift from her career in business and industrial management to a one that was more meaningful and served others. As an immigrant, she had to overcome many challenges. Through this process, she learned to connect with her inner strengths and developed insights into the untapped potential that we all have to gain strength from our setbacks and to thrive from them.

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